PromoSolution Ltd.

Full-scale promotion of pharmaceutical products in Belarus

Почему с нами выгодно?

Efficiency solutions

we know and use the principles and laws of the pharmaceutical market of Belarus;

A short way to the goal

to quickly adapt to change and make decisions;

Do not need to look for a lot of partners and solutions

provide a full range of pharmaceutical marketing services;

You save

our services cost less than in-house team (structure);

Work with all participants of the market

a pharmacy and hospital segments, have access to doctors of all specialties;

Compliance and adherence to ethical standards

adapt a corporate customer's requirements.

Company aims:

  • To be a reliable and productive partner for our customers in Belarus.
  • Always to achieve desired results and set goals.
  • To implement and to deliver mutually rewarding projects, developing our business partners, the Belarussian pharmaceutical market and our company. 


We provide a full range of services related to the distribution and promotion of  pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Belarus.

6 resons to work with us:

Since 2016, our company has been effectively and efficiently providing a full range of services for the promotion of pharmaceutical products in Belarus. We’ve been entrusted with the implementation of turnkey  projects by leading pharmaceutical companies. Every year we expand the number of successful projects and our long-term partners.


we have the results in a short time

Best connection

the optimal solutions for the client


qualified and well-trained staff


compliance with the regulatory requirements of corporate clients


speed of decision-making and flexibility


the easiest and safest way of work