Outsourcing and austaffing services

PromoSolution successfully promotes products on the Belarusian pharmaceutical market, covering both the retail segment and medical institutions.

Depending on the client’s needs, we provide the following services: outsourcing, outstaffing (personnel leasing)

Outsourcing is an effective tool to improve the performance of your business without increasing the company’s staff.

PromoSolution’s team of experienced and professional medical representatives will help you with:

  • introduction of new products (medicines, cosmetics products, medical devices and dietary supplements) to the Belarusian market;
  • product presentations and visits to doctors and pharmacists;
  • prompt response to the activity of competitors;
  • maintaining of seasonal sales;
  • expansion of geography of presence.

The team of medical representatives is formed on the basis of the characteristics and requirements of the client. Every medical representative is required to complete a training on promoted products, organized by PromoSolution.

All of our representatives have higher medical/pharmaceutical education, show excellent communication skills and have large experience in presentation of products and interaction with health professionals.

Medical representatives can be used in:

  • short-term projects up to 6 months: for running special promotional campaigns, launching of a product, sampling and other events that require rapid coverage of a large number of specialists of the target group;
  • long-term projects over 6 months: for expansion of the geography of presence and for building of loyalty of specialists of target groups.

The team of medical representatives is supervised by a professional manager with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which includes setting tasks, monitoring their execution and preparing reports.


Outstaffing (personnel leasing)

Personnel outstaffing is an effective way to cut costs of a company, which, while maintaining the average number of personnel, will allow to:

  • overcome the limit of staffing;
  • reduce the cost of maintaining HR and accounting departments;
  • optimize the company budget;
  • minimize administrative risks during probationary period for new employees.

How it works:

  1. Execution of a contract:

Signing a contract on outstaffing of medical representatives to PromoSolution.

  1. Staff onboarding:

Medical representatives are hired by PromoSolution in full compliance with the labour code of the Republic of Belarus.

  1. Accounting:

PromoSolution resolves all issues related to accounting documents (such as  statements, notices and other official documents) directly with medical representatives.

  1. Work on the project:

Medical representatives work on the implementation of their tasks, specified in the employment contract.

  1. Salary:

PromoSolution fully incurs liability on the monthly payment of salaries and bonuses, indicated in the contract and agreed with the client.

  1. Settlement of taxes:

PromoSolution monthly pays the established taxes to FSZN/NSSF (National Social Security Fund), pension contributions and other payments regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Using our experience and relying on your needs, we will help to determine the project objectives, target audience, number of visits per day, frequency of visits, coverage of the target audience and reporting form.

Outsourcing and austaffing services
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