Outsourcing and austaffing services

PromoSolution successfully promotes products on the Belarusian pharmaceutical market, covering both the retail segment and medical institutions.

Depending on the client’s needs, we provide the following services: outsourcing, outstaffing (personnel leasing)

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Продвижение продуктового портфеля клиента

Promotion and Distribution of the product portfolio of the client

Perform complex whole package of services to promote customer products: medical products, medicinal products and dietary supplements (dietary supplements).

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Государственная регистрация лекарственных средств, БАД

Registration of medical products and dietary supplements

Full registration cycle of a drug or biologically active additives (BAA), on drawing up of the registration dossier to obtain a registration certificate. Translation of all necessary documents from English into Russian.

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Аутсорсинг медицинских представителей

Outsourcing of the medical representatives

Outsourcing – it is profitable. Provided medical representatives of the client to perform the tasks.

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Создание маркетинговой стратегии

Creation of marketing strategy

On the basis of the Belarusian pharmaceutical market, taking into account the corporate customer’s requirements for each product package, we create an effective marketing strategy, develop a plan of marketing activities, draw up a marketing promotion plan.

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Подбор и оптимизация дистрибьюции в Беларуси

Selection and distribution optimization in Belarus

We can help you find a partner company in Belarus, which first enters the market.

Improve distribution by choosing new partners, building a more efficient supply chain company that is already operating in Belarus.

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Анализ фармацевтического рынка

Market analyses

Market research and analysis of the pharmaceutical market: drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements.

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Адаптация маркетинговой стратегии клиента

Adaptation of the customer marketing strategy

Adapting marketing strategy for customer and transform it into an effective specifically for the pharmaceutical market of Belarus. The criterion of effectiveness – achieving the goal in the shortest possible time. Adapted marketing strategy is fully consistent with the requirements of corporate customers.

Медицинский перевод с английского на русский

Medical translation from English into Russian

We provide professional medical translation of texts, documents, manuals, dossiers, publications, results of laboratory tests and studies from English to Russian.

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Организация и контроль работы команды продаж

Organization and control of the sales team

To implement the marketing strategy in Belarus in accordance with the goals we create, train a team of medical representatives and managers to work with key customers, regional managers. Teamwork promote transparent, complies with local laws and ethical standards.

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Работа с лидерами мнений

Work with the leaders

We are building and developing relationships with key experts, leading scientists in the field of Health of Belarus. We organize post marketing studies, initiating the writing of scientific articles and reports, participate in official conferences and congresses under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

Подготовка и согласование рекламных материалов

Preparation and coordination of advertising materials

Advertising and promotional materials of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements in Belarus must comply with local legislation and should be coordinated with the Ministry of Health of Belarus. Razrabataem and tailor promotions to your customers, they will agree with the regulator.